You may not have a trip every other week. So Fairmount staff wants to make sure you enjoy and relive each moment in Shimla with best of activities we can arrange for you. Fun games, surprise parties, get together, we are just a message away. The most popular is the bonfire night.

Bonfire night would add a spicy flavor to your trip to Shimla. Great way to enjoy the moments, meal and beverages with family and friends. The elegant ambiance can make you recall hundreds of instances and stories you’d want to share with people around this night. The experience of bonfire at a freezing cold night with red wine or glass of hot chocolate is exceptional.

Our professional chefs make this experience even more exotic with delectable dishes. You can’t resist admiring the food and the hospitality amidst your memories of a life time.

To make you feel cozy, we make sure everything is ready including a blanket, chairs and your choice of beverages and snacks. You’d just relax & enjoy not just days of sightseeing in Shimla but also wonderful nights.

Interestingly, the bonfire package is completely customizable. You can add dj, music and grill.

Just let us know what you’d like to add to make it a beautiful personal deal and surprise your group with bonfire this time. You’d surely love to make a night that your friends and loved ones will talk about for generations.